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The 442 History Project is an ongoing venture by Ray and Paul Collett to scan and catalog all known information about the Order of the Arrow Lodge #442. There are several purposes for this project, the first is to create a CD-ROM of all the information for distribution to those whom have an interest in the history of the lodge. Another goal is to publish a printed book. After the completion of Lodge 442, we plan on doing the same to the other lodges of Section W1A, this would include separate histories of each lodge and a history of the section as a whole.



Ray Collett - collett@agora.rdrop.com or Click here

Paul Collett - collett@pacifier.com or Click here

Jeff Ansley - jansley@bandwidth.net or Click here


Ed Harris - N/A


If you wish to contribute to the project, or to assist in the collection and processing of the historical data, please contact either Ray or Paul.

Here's a sample of the data we are working with:
This is the first charter for the lodge #442, Hyas Chuck Kah Sun Klatawa in 1950. This is one of the Smoke Signals, the lodge newsletter. This issue announces the new name for the lodge, Skyloo. This is the first lodge meeting on Dec 10th, 1950.


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