"Salt & Pepper" - A still life image, modeled and rendered in Maya
"Corridor" - A scene from an animation that is in progress. This version of the corridor is not the final version, it's missing a lot of clutter and wear. Modeled and rendered in Maya
"Interior" - This is a reproduction of a photograph. Without a radiosity feature in the schools copy of Maya, I had to simulate the effects of reflected light by hand. Modeled and rendered in Maya.
"Girl Test 03-03-2002" - This render is of my primary character from an animation that is in development. This test shows her new uniform. (hair is coming soon)
"Girl Test 03-20-2002" - A single frame from a short run cycle animation test with my female character. I used Maya Cloth for her clothes, and as a control surface for her hair. It bounces along quite nicely. I've decided to call her Jessica.